Formal Methods in Legal Reasoning
The goal of this stream is to provide a platform for discussing alternative means of structuring and presenting legal arguments and reasoning leading to the disambiguation of natural language and increase the scope for its possible automatic processing while preserving its natural form and general intelligibility. (more information)

Law and Literature
This stream aims to provide a space for discussing the contemporary applicability of literature in law and jurisprudence. It enables to share findings amongst lawyers, legal academics and experts and academics from various humanities. And, at last, this stream is focused on possibility how to use findings like this in legal praxis.  (more information)

Law and Language
Modernity and post-modernity in legal theory and critique has brought the language and law into close consideration. Language-related criticism, imagination, narrativity or rhetorical devices have found its way into the analyses of legal argumentation and reasoning. (more information)

Law and Visualisation
The “Law and Visualisation” stream shall focus both on the theoretical aspects as well as practical implications of the law visualisation. The participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, opinions and experience with the use of visuals/images in legal communication. Especially, the impact on the speeding up of the legal communication, its comprehensivness and its limits may be discussed. Also, the real life examples of visual legal communicationin in teaching of law and trial practice are welcomed. (more information)

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