Call for Papers

You are welcome to submit a paper using the EasyChair conference system. Please try to adhere to the ARGUMENTATION 2013 formatting recommendations.

Objectives of the Conference
The main aim of the ARGUMENTATION 2012 conference is to bring together legal practitioners and people from academia to discuss the topics related to different approaches and techniques employed in legal argumentation. One of the core characteristics of the conference is its interdisciplinarity.Thus the perspective of law should be connected to the problems from philosophy, logic, sociology, computer science, artistic disciplines, etc.

Especially welcome are papers addressing topics related to the following areas:
– formal and quantitative models of legal reasoning
– logical tools in designing legal arguments
– argumentation schemes, models of legal inference
– mathematical and computational tools for modelling arguments and reasoning
– evidence, burdens of persuasion and proof
– interpretation of literature in jurisprudence
– artistic description of contemporary law
– exploitation of literature in legal education
– literature in legal argumentation
– literature in rationalization of law
– use of literature in court decisions
– propaganda in service of law and jurisprudence
– speech and register analysis
– symbols and communication in law
– IT, language and law
– literary analysis of law
– natural language
– analysis of legal narratives
– rhetorical devices in legal reasoning
– media studies
– multisensory Law
– visualisation in Legal Education
– visualising Legal Reasoning
– argument Mapping
– structuring the Complexity of Law via Visualisation
– visual Literacy in Law
– pictorial Law

Reviewing Process
Every submission will be reviewed by two or three reviewers and the author will be provided with detailed feedback as well as the list of suggestions for minor improvements to be implemented before it is published. The process adheres strictly to the highest standards of double-blind review.

Formal Requirements
The individual paper should not exceed 30.000 characters and it can include tables and figures. The Harvard style of referencing is preferred but not strictly required. The paper may be submitted in one of the following formats: .rtf, .odt, .doc, .docx and .tex.

The accepted papers are going to be published in pre-conference proceedings by Masaryk University Press (Argumentation 2012 and Argumentation 2011 Proceedings). The publisher shall not claim exclusive rights to the papers and authors are encouraged to offer them to the public within the open access regime (e.g. SSRN).

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